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What is Collagen

As a child we were told to eat everything on your plate.  Eat all the meat close to the bones and don't leave anything as there were lots of starving people in this world.  My sisters and myself would laugh at who got the bit of slimy white gristle stuck in a triangle in the t-bones.    We would push our finger through so the white mushy meat would pop out and we would giggle.  Mum would get cranky and tell us to stop playing with our food, but little did we know, how good this bit of gristle was for us.

Collagen comes from the bi-products of grass feeding animals.  It is the gristle, the bones and anything else that can be processed to become safe food.  When Mum was yelling at us, I don't think she was aware of the benefits of chewing on those bones, she would yell "don't waste food".   Our teeth certainly benefited as Mum often burnt part of our steak, which is now referred to as charcoal and great for whitening teeth. 

There is no nice way to say this, but there is lots of ways to process these bi-products but turning something that was previously dumped into a food ingredient that is functional, beneficial and is still considered a food ingredient, just excites me. While I acknowledge that it is horrible for the animals, I can't wait until they are able to extract the Collagen straight from the grass.  Anyone who says, grass fed Collagen, just means the animals are grass fed before being processed - very cheeky marketing!

Animal bi-products are processed into Gelatin, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Collagen Peptides and a number of other formats (which amazes me).  Why CollagenU chose this particular format of Collagen Peptide is because of the research carried out on this product and the amazing results.   

Scientific studies indicating improvements in Collagen levels in the study groups epidermis through visual improvements in skin & nails - less wrinkles.  Plumping skin up to 60% in just 30 days of 3 grams per day.  What I love most, is that it is still a digestible food ingredient, it is not injected, it is not a cream, it is an all over body experience, with scientifically researched results to support skin, nail and hair health.